Young’s should be so lucky, lucky, Lucky Onion

Standing room only at 131, Cheltenham
Lucky Onion 131

The Lucky Onion, the company set up by Superdry founder Julian Dunkerton, is planning to sell some of its pubs to Young’s Brewery, it has been reported.

The Lucky Onion owns a number of smart pubs and hotels across the Cotswolds, including The Wheatsheaf in Northleach, 131, N0 328 and The Tavern in Cheltenham, The Crown in Minchinhampton (which it reopened in 2019), The Hollow Bottom at Guiting Power (which it bought in 2019) and The Wild Duck at Ewen which has been closed for more than a year.

The Lucky Onion, which was establishedby Julian in 2010, describes itself as “a family of design-led hotels and country pubs”.

Julian also owns Cult Hotels. Launched last year after his purchase of The George in Cheltenham which has become the flagship for the new brand, Julian said he planned to roll out the new concept into popular cities within the UK and beyond over the next ‘few years’.

However, following Julian fully taking the reigns again at Superdry as CEO in December 2020, the company he founded in 2003 but where he had taken a back seat for a few years, and his launching a new concept store in Cheltenham before Christmas, the Promenade, just a couple of weeks after opening a new store on London’s iconic Oxford Street, there has been less time for him to dedicate time to his pub and hotel empire.