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Notion ltd

The Government with Innovate UK is providing funding for businesses to participate in one of the most exciting and innovative management development programmes in history, designed to help businesses meet new challenges and to drive business success.

Notion’s ‘STAR® Manager’ programme has been so successful that it’s been shortlisted for an award as the Most Innovative New Learning Technologies Product in the UK.

This fully blended innovative online management development programme has already proven to deliver significant increases in sales, productivity, teamwork and innovation plus so much more.

Companies have reported impressive results from the STAR® Manager programme: 63% of managers report that their team has shown increased problem-solving skills, 60% say their personal productivity has increased and 47% that their teams have become more engaged.

This exciting trial will demonstrate that STAR® Manager can generate the same growth in productivity and profitability in the SME sector as it has in larger enterprises.

Notion’s MD Dominic Ashley-Timms said: “We are delighted to offer SMEs the opportunity to embrace changes that will really drive the productivity and creativity of their businesses forward.”

The beauty of this six-month programme is that it’s been designed to embed transformational change across an organisation without taking managers out of the business for training which can be difficult for small companies.

Don’t miss out. Funding is available for the first 150 companies that sign up! Apply for this groundbreaking opportunity via the website