Wyche Innovation Centre at Malvern goes electric to support car share scheme

Renault Zoe EV

Malvern Hills Car Clubs, the community car share scheme serving the Malvern area, has acquired an electric Renault Zoe and has located it at the Wyche Innovation Centre/Malvern Hills GeoCentre in Upper Colwall.

The Wyche Innovation Centre, operated by Key IQ Ltd, has had an electric vehicle charging point available to visitors and customers of Café H2O since 2015. The location is particularly suited to those members living or working in Upper Colwall, Wyche and West Malvern areas.

The scheme aims to reduce the need for individual car ownership, as people that have the occasional need for a car (or second car) can join the club and pay for use at cost effective rates when transport is needed. This approach offers flexible car usage without the hassle and big costs of ownership like insurance, maintenance and deprecation. Another interesting development is residents, who do mainly local journeys, can buy a lower range (much cheaper 2nd hand) electric car and use a car club car petrol car for their occasional long journeys. A great way of getting into electric cars.

Robin Coates, one of the four founder Members of the Malvern Hills Car Clubs, said: “We now have two electric cars in our fleet of 18 vehicles for 145 household members to use. Membership consists of a one-off £20 joining fee and then a £7.50 monthly fee per household. For the cars, members then pay £3 per hour for the first 4 hours of use with lower rates for longer periods. Members use vehicles for as little as 15 mins and up to 3 weeks at a time, booking on the web immediately before use or way ahead. The mileage rate is varied each month based on the cost of electricity, but is currently 12p. With 14 petrol 5 door cars and a 7-seater and a 4×4 pickup members can choose the car to suit their needs for the particular journey or the closest one.”

Dr Adrian Burden, Technical Director at Key IQ, added: “The use of electric vehicles as a mode of transport will greatly increase in the near future, as will the role of community-focused car share schemes that this club is pioneering.”