Workman promoted internally to oversee both OUI’s venture investments and the University’s spinout equity portfolio


Oxford University Innovation (OUI) has appointed Adam Workman, formerly Head of New Ventures at OUI, as Head of OUI Investments & New Ventures (OUIINV), a newly-formed division of OUI.

OUIINV will merge the company’s investment and equity management arms, bringing the New Ventures and OUI Spinout Equity Management (OUISEM) teams together as one unit. The new group will be responsible for OUI’s seed investment activities, managing its equity positions in spinout companies, and will be the primary point of contact for OUI with the financial and investment communities.

Adam will be taking over from James Mallinson, who stepped down from his position as Head of OUISEM in December 2017. James leaves the spinout equity portfolio in a healthy position, the strength of which underlines the growing value of Oxford spinouts. OUIINV inherits a portfolio of over 100 companies worth £114.3m, which saw an annual growth rate of 17.19% between 2015/16 and 2016/17. In addition, the OUISEM portfolio has seen 11 flotations and trade sales since 2011, worth £1.52bn.

Prior to joining OUI in 2016, Adam spent more than 17 years in the venture capital industry, holding positions with 350 Investment Partners, The Carbon Trust, 3i and Shell Exploration. During his time at OUI, Adam has managed the Oxford Angel Network, led investments through OUI’s proof-of-concept funds, and worked in tandem with Parkwalk Advisors to find opportunities for the University of Oxford Innovation Fund, which will shortly be closing its fourth iteration.

OUIINV is searching for three investment professionals to join Adam’s team. The roles, two investment managers and one associate, are currently live on the OUI website.

Adam Workman, Head of OUI Investments & New Ventures at Oxford University Innovation, said:

“This is a great time to be involved in investments from the University of Oxford. We have seen a significant interest in investment activity over the last few years. I am grateful to James and the OUISEM team for developing a portfolio to build on.”

Matt Perkins, Chief Executive Officer at Oxford University Innovation, added:

“Adam has delivered sterling work while heading up the New Ventures team and is the ideal candidate to lead this new combined team. We expect Adam and the OUI Investments team will further improve our ability to create and nurture world-leading spinout companies that have a positive impact on society.”