Are you worked off your feet?

Foot expert and podiatrist Margaret Dabbs is pioneering an innovative medical pedicure in Cheltenham.

Margaret, who founded her first foot clinic on Harley Street, London in 1998, went on to create the Margaret Dabbs London brand to include foot clinics with nails spas across the UK. She opened her Cheltenham clinic in 2016.

Business & Innovation Magazine’s overworked Commercial Director was invited to the Cheltenham clinic in Montpellier to experience the highly acclaimed medical pedicure. With Autumn at our feet, she jumped at the chance of a well-earned treat, and see what this famous pedicure was all about.

This pedicure was like no other. Greeted with a warm welcome and a glass of fizz, Kirsty Muir was introduced to the qualified podiatrist who was to deliver the treatment

The it was down to business.

Forget a quick soak in some bubbles and having hard skin scraped off your feet. There is no water involved at all. All pedicures at Margaret Dabbs are done on dry feet.

The Margaret Dabbs procedure starts with the podiatrist examining your feet and any medically accessing any issues you may have with them, including skin and nails.

The pedicure is performed on dry feet to ensure long lasting results but also treat the feet effectively, often hidden on wet feet.

Kirsty reports that her feet transformed with the safe surgical removal of all dead and dry skin and callus. The nails were shaped, buffed and re-hydrated, using products formulated by Margret Dabbs herself. A final massage with Emu oil for its anti-ageing and moisturising properties Kirsty’s feet were left revitalised, and glowing, and she left with spring in her step.