Worcestershire product design agency JMDA Design, celebrates 30th anniversary and 115th child car seat

This isn't their 115th car seat, because the design of that one is still too hot to handle.... but this gives you an idea....

Worcestershire product design agency JMDA Design, is celebrating its 30th anniversary by designing its 115th child car seat.

Widely known as the global leaders in child car seat design, JMDA Design specialises in the design and development of a diverse range of products including child car seats, stair lifts, showers, smoke alarms and highchairs. It has two offices, in Pershore and Shanghai, China.

Chris Raynor, General Manager at JMDA Design, said:“If celebrating our 30th Birthday was not big enough, we are now proud to be designing our 115th child car seat. There is so much research, design, technology and testing that goes into every aspect of designing a seat and as we thrive to make the industry more sustainable through recycling, the industry is set for major changes ahead!”.

Chris added: “The resilience of the business continues to support the innovation needed to push the boundaries of product design. Plus, we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of the teams in our UK, China and Italian offices.

JMDA Design was founded by Derrick and Cherril Barker in 1991 and the family business won a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade in 2019