Worcestershire invention helps keep construction workers safe from Covid-19

Wearable Link Plinx

A new social-distancing technology invented in Worcestershire is helping construction workers stay safe.

Plinx, developed by Wearable-Link, is a proximity sensor which alerts workers when they are too close to each other, allowing essential construction work to continue safely across the UK.

The new technology was featured  on BBC One’s The One Show  last week.

Inventor Tommy Williams Featured on The One ShowThe inventor Tommy Williams was inspired by his love of surfing. He initially created a location tracker to prevent surfers from getting lost at sea.

With the help of BetaDen, Worcestershire’s business accelerator located at Malvern Hills Science Park, Tommy was able to adapt this concept. He came up with proximity sensor which prevents the spread of Covid-19 whilst enabling construction work to continue.

Stephen Roberts, CTO of Wearable-Link said: Plinx is a product that has been in development for over 3 years, the system was originally developed to warn users of hazards in hazardous work environments. We never expected to warn workers of their proximity to other workers. However our system was ideally suited for this and has been adapted for social distancing.”

Councillor Ken Pollock, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Economy and Infrastructure said: “It is wonderful to see a device which has been invented here in Worcestershire being used to enable construction work to continue safely. It is a valuable piece of technology.”

The device is placed on construction workers’ helmets and uses Bluetooth, GPS and Wireless technology.

The data from the wearable device is sent to a local hub and is then displayed on a map, which shows the construction site layout and what requires improvement.

Visit https://plinx.io/ for more information and to make a contact request and book a trial.