Worcestershire Innovation Network crowns winners of the county-wide Make it Happen challenge

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Two Worcestershire innovators can now call themselves the Make it Happen 2021 champions after WINN crowned the winners earlier this month.

The ‘Make It Happen’ challenge is targeting Worcestershire’s growing innovation community. Led by ‘Worcestershire Innovation’ (WINN), the challenge is designed to promote innovative thinking across the county and support local businesses.

WINN held the prize-giving ceremony at The Kiln, one of the sponsors of the challenge, inviting all of those involved within the competition including the winners, sponsors, and sector specialists.

This year’s winners included, Tom Doyle and Paulo Jamece, who each received £16,000 worth of business boosting prizes after winning the Make it Happen challenge for their innovation ideas.

Tom Doyle, who won the Health & Care category is a Director and Founder of Stourbridge-based NeuroHeadway, an organisation that provides practical resources for teachers in PHSE to help students with their mental health and wellbeing.

Tom said: “I am absolutely amazed and really surprised. I can’t wait to get started and the whole idea of us moving forward with this is something I will be putting 100 per cent effort behind. It was an amazing feeling to receive that call.”

Paulo Jamece, who won the Science & Technology category is a Director and Founder of Sleeping Bubbles, the UK’s first supplier of inflatable bubble tents. Paulo said: “I am very excited to work with all the sponsors. I would say I didn’t have a team before and now I do so I can’t wait to get going with this next stage.”

Jess Antley, Senior Project Manager at WINN said: “We have got such a great group of sponsors who are all really passionate about making a difference to businesses. The Make it Happen challenge is a really collaborative approach to showcase, to fast track and to grow the winner’s business or idea.”

Alan Clark, Founder of Exponential Coaching, one of the sponsors for the challenge, said: “What I love about what I do is watching people grow. I cannot wait to get into these conversations over the next six months and begin to see the positive change and growth.”

Targeting Worcestershire’s growing innovation community, the Make it Happen is an annual challenge that provides participants the opportunity to showcase their vision for new and exciting products and services.

Designed to promote innovative thinking across the county while supporting local businesses, the Make it Happen challenge is a project organised by WINN, a Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire LEP programme

WINN brings innovators together, acting as a catalyst to create connections and collaborations across the diverse business landscape of Worcestershire.

In 2019, WINN introduced the Innovation Platform which brings together the Worcestershire community, to share ideas, solve problems and share their business ideas with other innovators online via their 24-7 networking hub.