Worcestershire College opens car parks for Coronavirus testing centre

HoW College Covid 19 testing

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) open its Bromsgrove and Redditch carparks as temporary centre for COVID-19 testing, in an effort to boost the national testing capacity.

These drive-through test centres offer self-administered tests for NHS employees and their families. Those tested will receive their results within a few days.

HoW College opened their Bromsgrove carpark last Friday, where by 10:30am around 15 cars of people were already waiting to be tested. DHSC are the lead for Mobile Testing Units, this one is staffed by members of 222 Signal Squadron who are under Command of 16 Signal Regiment (CSF22) from Stafford, where Sergeant Wideman manages his team of 12 soldiers.

As well as offering the carparks as a testing centre, the College are also opening their toilet facilities for the team to use throughout the day, as well as providing much-deserved bacon and sausage sandwiches to those workers.

Deputy Chief Executive and Vice Principal of How College, Nicki Williams, said:

“As a College we are very proud to be able to offer our carparks as testing centres in a bid to support the NHS in these unprecedented times.

“The College and its staff are always keen to stand behind Key Workers and the local community wherever possible during the current fight against the Coronavirus. A number of our staff have already been involved in supporting the NHS including providing PPE for those on the front line.”

HoW College will continue to offer its Bromsgrove carpark as a testing centre until Monday 4th May. From Tuesday 5th May to Friday 8th May the testing centre will then be relocated to the College’s Osprey House car park in Redditch.