Worcestershire Ambassadors


Worcestershire Ambassadors who are we?

The Worcestershire Ambassadors are a group of individuals who share in common a passion for the County of Worcestershire. Membership is made up individuals whom live/and/or work in the County of Worcestershire.

The Ambassadors have a common enthusiasm to create a county to be proud of.

By remaining a non-political organisation we promote Worcestershire, working in partnership with various other groups in the county including The Chamber of Commerce, The Local Enterprise Partnership, University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council.

Worcestershire Ambassadors  support and promote Worcestershire and its community through fundraising for charity and through sponsorship.

Members have the opportunity to meet regularly through attending a varied programme of events throughout the year. The proceeds from our events go to support and promote the County and its communities through fund raising for Worcestershire Charities and for Sponsorship of other Organisations promoting our County.

Worcestershire Ambassadors came into being in 2000. It is a unique organisation as it draws together both leaders from the public and private sector all of whom have a common objective to promote the County of Worcestershire, both internally and externally, as a great place to live, work, invest, visit and do business.

We are looking for members to play an active role and through their status help to attract new businesses, new investors, commerce and new visitors into Worcestershire for the benefit of the County and its residents.

Members have to be approved by the Board. When completing your application please advise us of any Member who is prepared to sponsor you. In the absence of a sponsor we may need to undertake a brief telephone interview.

Members are required to attend at least one Worcestershire Ambassadors organised event per annum.

Membership subscription is £125 per annum from April 1st on a pro rata basis.

If you are a leader in your chosen field, based within the County, and would like to become an Ambassador please complete the online application on our website