Worcester funeral directors partner with treeplanters to offer more eco funerals

Jackson’s eco funerals

Malvern-based funeral directors, Jackson’s, are addressing their carbon footprint by forming a partnership with eTrees.

The impact of a funeral can vary due to a number of factors, like the materials used and the actual funeral process itself.

The carbon footprint of a funeral will vary depending on the type of funeral, and the materials used in the coffin. However all funerals leave behind a carbon deficit which Jackson Family Funerals is looking to remove.

Jonathan Branchett, General Manager, says: “As a verified partner of eTrees, our aim is not to just offset the carbon footprint of a funeral but tip the balance enough to ensure every funeral we are trusted to care for has a positive impact. Planting trees for every loved one serves 2 purposes. We offset the carbon footprint of the funeral, and provide a lasting memorial for the loved one with a digital certificate confirming tree planting for the family. Many families are choosing to purchase additional trees to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by the attending mourners.”