Women’s Business Club partners with ARC Inspirations to hold Coffee & Co-working events

Angela De Souza

Women’s Business Club, the Gloucestershire-based national organisation for female business owners, is partnering with ARC Inspirations to hold Coffee & Co-working events in all 18 of the bar group’s venues across the north of England.

The Women’s Business Club network supports and promotes female entrepreneurs and leaders and helps them to succeed in business. Coffee & Co-working events provide a space for business women to gain support and empowerment, based on the Clubs’ assertion that ‘no woman has to build a business alone’.

Founder Angela De Souza runs the network with her daughters Jordan and Lorah-Kelly. They launched the Coffee & Co-working groups as the pandemic began to ease to help women in business connect with each other and collaborate.

“We are so excited to be getting closer to our goal of having 1,000 Coffee & Co-working events across the UK,” Angela said.

“We’d like to thank the leaders at ARC Inspirations for their belief in our mission and for supporting women in business by hosting our events across all 18 venues. We’re really looking forward to working with them and empowering female businesswomen across the north of the country.”

ARC Inspirations is a commercially successful bar group operating across three brands and 18 venues in towns and cities across northern England, such as Leeds, Harrogate, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Its brands include Box (high-quality sports bars), Manahatta (New York-styled cocktail bars) and Banyan (‘stylish bars for people who want to belong’).

Coffee & Co-working events are suitable for any woman in business whatever their goal, business or ambition. They can be:

  • Thinking about starting a business and wanting to find out more.
  • Running a very small business from home and wanting to grow.
  • Trying to recover after their business was impacted negatively by the pandemic.
  • Feeling lonely and isolated and looking for support.
  • Leading a small business and wanting to give back to other women.

Each monthly session lasts for three hours and is free to attend with guests asked to buy their own refreshments on the day. Women can come along, work and chat. Each group will be run by a leader who is a paid-up member of the Women’s Business Club.