Women make up 18% of the cyber security industry

Opportunity knocks for cyber

National cyber security recruitment company Beecher Madden has revealed that the UK cyber security industry is now 18 per cent female. It also reviewed its own database and found that 20 per cent is now female, an increase of 6% since 2015.

Attracting more women into cyber security is an important goal, says the company.

Having more women in security teams, may help companies to better protect their customer. In America, women control 83 per cent of all spending decisions. As more spending moves online, having security processes that consider the end customer, is becoming ever more important. With women driving this level of spend, it isn’t surprising that women are 26 per cent more likely to have their identity stolen. As well as ensuring higher security, companies with more women in their leadership teams perform better.

A report called The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards, found that companies with more women on their board had a 42 per cent higher return on sales and turned capital into profit, 66 per cent more successfully.

But 18 per cent isn’t enough says the company and while 50 per cent may seem far away, there are some companies at this level already.

Beecher Madden encourages every company with a commitment to increasing diversity, to consider what has worked for them already, and what more they can do.

The Beecher Madden research includes all of those in the security industry. This broader definition includes digital forensics and privacy as well as some security vendor companies. It doesn’t include IoT companies, or those who work in risk or compliance, which has traditionally had a higher percentage of female candidates.