Woman retreats from financial services into wellbeing business

Secret Warriors

A Warwickshire women who has worked in the financial services industry for nearly three decades has become a partner in a luxury retreat business.

Lisa Webb, 47 who lives near Stratford upon Avon, has become a partner in Secret Warriors –  a business that offers tailored retreats.

The business was established in the Peak District by her colleague Ange Terry and was originally set up to offer weekend escapes for women looking to recharge their batteries. However, the business has grown in more directions which has resulted in the forming of the new partnership which will see the company offer retreats in the Cotswolds.

The business creates and hosts personalised retreats for a variety of clients ranging from yoga and wellbeing, corporate training and strategy days as well as specialist retreats such as writing and menopause.

Ange Terry said “When I first set up the business, I was primarily aiming at women who were looking for a weekend escape. However, I started to receive enquiries from all quarters including businesses recognising the importance of wellbeing for their staff wanting to incorporate some health and wellbeing aspect into their staff training and workshops. I also hear from groups of friends wanting to catch up with each other who are seeking a little indulgence and to experience the great outdoors, as well as a lot of enquiries for health and wellbeing events. I am thrilled with the level of interest which has far outweighed my initial expectations.”

“To have the ability to grow the business this early on, is a real privilege and this is testimony to the hard work of the beautiful venues and caterers we use, the specialist services we buy in and our returning clients who have helped developed the business over the last year.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Lisa and really looking forward to offering more retreats in a beautiful part of the world.”

Lisa Webb said: “I love my job in financial services, but I am also delighted to be joining Ange in her business looking after weekend retreats. I am very excited about the possibilities the Cotswolds area has to offer and for our first retreat which is aimed at women experiencing symptoms of the menopause. We will be bringing together a wealth of expertise in the form of a GP who specialises in menopause care, along with a nutritionist specialising in hormone health and a yoga teacher to help women understand what more they can do to support themselves during this period of their lives.”

“To be able to offer this in some of the most stunning locations in the Cotswolds, makes the experience even better for our clients.”