Wokingham-based Tepeo, inventor of the award-winning Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB), secures funding

ZEB – Kitchen render (1)[2]

Wokingham-based Tepeo, inventor of the award-winning Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB), has secured funding for a £1 million project with grant funding from Innovate UK. The project will enable it to conduct deep research into the ZEB’s core technology, with a focus on optimising it for high volume manufacture.

The company has also secured a £42,000 grant from the Berkshire Business Capital Grant Fund to invest in an electric kiln and other manufacturing equipment enabling them to significantly scale up production of their innovative zero emission boilers.

The tepeo Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) is a low carbon alternative to a gas or oil boiler – it heats homes affordably while lowering the carbon footprint and supporting renewable generation.

It provides the same heating service (heated water to any set temperature between 35-80°C) as a gas or oil boiler but without the emissions, the company says.

The boiler is powered by electricity and works like a battery to store heat really efficiently until it is needed. Tepeo’s patented heat-management technology then releases the heat to radiators or underfloor heating and water tank when needed.

The ZEB’s smart tech charges the core with energy at the cheapest times of day ready for when its needed.

The ZEB can also charge on excess solar electricity generated by a home’s solar PV that would otherwise have to be exported to the grid for a low price.

Johan du Plessis, founder and CEO of Wokingham-based tepeo, said: “With this combined investment of £3 million from our investors, and almost £700,000 from UKRI, we’ve doubled our workforce, purchased vital new equipment, moved to larger premises.

“We are developing our technology so it’s ready for large scale production, it has been transformative and supercharged the growth of our business.”