Why business growth relies on effective and streamlined internal CRM systems…

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Working with a range of clients from start-ups to international law firms, 16i have developed a number of tools and platforms to assist with company growth, and ultimately streamline and secure internal processes.

One of the key challenges to continued company growth is to ensure that internal systems and processes are as effective and streamlined as possible. In particular this can often relate to the way in which contacts are managed and maintained from both a prospect and customer perspective, with smaller companies often keeping track of sensitive data using outdated, unsecure methods such as the use of unprotected spreadsheets, storing data on an individual’s machine and/or the transfer of data over email.

16i’s CRM system provides a way around this. As an online platform, the CRM system ensures that sensitive data is contained within one central, secure and encrypted database; with access (and the subsequent level) being password-protected and restricted on a per user basis (a customer service representative doesn’t need to see the same information as a marketing director). The system is however also incredibly easy and intuitive to use, allowing trusted users the ability to easily find and keep track of customer and prospect information, ultimately helping to secure deals and opportunities.

Another common problem associated with business growth is the way in which both company files and branding documents are stored and shared, especially if these tend to be saved to an individual’s machine (and are therefore inaccessible to the rest of the team). Built with user experience in mind, 16i’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) system allows companies to easily store, share and showcase brand and digital assets from one central, online platform; removing the need for files to be stored elsewhere. Key features of the system include the ability for users to access the system anytime, anywhere; quickly upload, tag and categorise files at the touch of a button; as well as being able to easily share files with colleagues and/or clients.

Specifically tailored towards the travel industry the RES System goes further than this, helping travel companies to not only store contact information but also keep a track of enquiries, bookings and invoicing in one central place. Key features include the ability to send sales emails via the system; securely store customer details (such as passport number and dietary requirements); assign members of staff to individual bookings, as well as being able to send invoices and/or feedback forms directly from the system – ultimately helping to consolidate everything into one place for easy access.

Regardless of your business size, and with a wealth of experience in bespoke builds, 16i can help to streamline your processes, remove security and data concerns, and ultimately allow you to spend time on what’s important… growing your business.

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