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WCG (Warwickshire College Group) is now offering over fifty distance learning courses across a range of subjects, from Horticulture and Writing to Business and Psychology.

With each course requiring just 20hrs of study, these are ideal tasters for anyone interested in discovering more about a specific subject area, and for hobbyists, are comprehensive enough to take their skills to the next level.

Courses for every interest

Whether you are seeking to continue your professional development, or simply want to take an opportunity to learn new skills, there are plenty of courses to choose from at our website: www.wcg.ac.uk/distancelearning, including:

  • Animal Health Care
    Featuring courses on animal health and welfare, beekeeping, caring for chickens, horse and dogs, and animal behaviour.
  • Business
    Perfect for people involved in business operations, whether employed or business owners, these courses span subjects from project management to starting a small business.
  • Horticulture
    With nearly twenty courses, these courses range from essential gardening topics such as lawn care, indoor plants and garden design, to more specialist subjects such as aquaponics, agricultural sustainability, and land restoration.
  • Psychology
    These courses provide insight and education for people interested in learning more about topics such as stress management, addiction, relationship counselling and behaviour profiling.
  • Food and Nutrition
    Popular with people currently working with food and with prospective small business owners, topics include preserving meat and fish, making beer, wine and spirits, food nutrition, and managing events.
  • Writing and Literacy
    Communication is key, and these courses will help improve skills in creative writing, technical writing, planning and writing novels, grammar and editing.

All courses are delivered online, so you can sign-up and start when you want, learn from the comfort of your own home, and study at your own pace. A certificate of completion is available after successfully passing an online exam, and the great news is that employed people in the Coventry and Warwickshire area could be eligible to sign up for a selection of these courses for free.

Funding Assistance from WCG

In November last year, WCG launched two new skills centres for employed individuals in Coventry and Warwickshire – the Centre for Digital and Cyber Skills, and the Centre for Culture and Tourism.

These centres were created to provide people working in the Culture and Tourism Sector and people working in roles with digital skills requirements with free training funded by WCG and the European Social Fund.

WCG is now offering a selection of its new online courses via the skills centres, and can provide full funding for eligible employees in Coventry and Warwickshire. For employees in digital roles, these include courses on Project Management, Editing, Technical Writing, and Business Improvement, and for people working in the Culture and Tourism sector, there is a choice of the following:

  • Managing Events
  • Food and nutrition
  • English Grammar
  • Sales Success
  • Creative writing
  • Consumer Behaviour

You can find out which courses are available, and information about eligibility for funding on our website pages: www.wcg.ac.uk/online-digital-courses for digital courses, and www.wcg.ac.uk/cctsonline for our culture and tourism courses.You can also email the team at centreforskills@wcg.ac.uk.