West Midlands Mayor unveils Coventry manufacturer’s technology centre

Pictured: Mark Geffert (Sarginsons), Andy Street, Gary Stockley (NatWest), Annette Milton (Sarginsons), Cllr Tim Mayer, Anthony Evans (Sarginsons)
Sarginsons Industries

A leading light-weighting manufacturer in Coventry has been praised for its continued investment in people and technology during uncertain times for the industry.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, visited Sarginsons Industries in Torrington Avenue to officially open the company’s new laboratory and technology centre, meet a trio of degree apprentices – who will join the firm later this year – and find out more about plans to develop the HQ.

The Mayor was given an insight into the company’s growth two years on from a previous visit to the business and he was impressed with the progress.

Street said: “We have to keep the faith when it comes to the wider picture in manufacturing in our region, but if we come to Sarginsons, the results over the last two years have been brilliant.

“I was here two years ago and it is great to see their progress. Two things stand out. They have continued to invest and they have continued to think about the niche within which they operate.

“There is a lesson there that if you can find a niche in the market you can defend it and own it, you can defy the market if conditions become tough. Sarginsons have done a first class job and they would stress that quality is a really important hallmark for them.

“We have seen some businesses putting investment on hold because of the uncertainty we are facing, but once everyone knows the lie of the land and the rules of the game, we will start to see some of that coming back.

“So it is great to see Sarginsons investing and bringing new jobs to Coventry – really skilled jobs – and they are looking to expand further.

“They are looking at meeting some of the really high-specification challenges for customers such as Aston Martin and by capturing some of those high-end niches, it has to be good for Coventry and the region.”

Anthony Evans, the Managing Director of Sarginsons, said technology would play a key role in the company’s growth.

He added: “We were recently described as an outlier because of the way we are looking to develop and grow the business.

“So that means going beyond prototyping and manufacturing parts but working with our customers at the development phase of new components and using our technology to support that.

“The reason for opening the new laboratory and technology centre is to ensure that every member of the team can see, on a daily basis, where we are heading as a business and the role that our technology and measurement facilities will play in that.”