West Midlands business launches decontamination unit to Combat Covid-19


A Warwickshire hotel is the first business in the West Midlands region to take delivery of a revolutionary mobile decontamination device, capable of combatting superbug microorganisms – including coronavirus – and aimed at providing the care sector with the ultimate in decontamination, whilst also allowing companies across the country to get ready for business.

Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa will be deploying the Disinfect+ unit to ensure the entire building is ready to receive guests within the next month.

The unit, which is currently one of only two in the UK, has the capability of killing almost all bacteria and viruses, the company says, and has been tested on the microorganisms which cause coronavirus, Ebola and the Norovirus. The cold nebulisation technology provides a Log-6 clinical standard of sterilisation used in the medical sector; strong enough to eradicate the effect of superbugs.

The device works by generating a microaerosol dry steam from hydrogen peroxide and silver ions through a patented ultrasound technology. Crucially, it safely decontaminates inaccessible areas and the most sensitive of materials, including electronic equipment, without the need to move or lift any objects.

Disinfect+, which was developed in Austria predominately for use in hospitals, is currently being deployed across its country of origin by the Red Cross, but it can be used across all sectors, including clinical laboratories and surgeries, care homes, gyms, office space and all retail outlets.

West Midlands Disinfect+ franchise holder Ben Stead-Davies said: “The time is now right to start looking at the rejuvenation of our region’s economy and it is critical that this is done in the safest manner possible. The Disinfect+ device has already experienced outstanding results in European health services and has no limitations when it comes to the industries in which it can be utilised.

“In addition to public and private care providers, we expect to be working with the retail, hospitality, research & development and medical sectors (including GP/dental surgeries and pharmacies); in fact, any premises in need of clinical standards of protection and reassurance that will encourage a return to business as we manage the ‘new normal’.”

Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa Revenue & Reservation Manager, Rosh Devarajan, said: “Our aim is to be operational again by July this year. In order to do so, we are implementing a phased opening approach, of which clinical-grade disinfection plays a huge part. We are thrilled to be the first hotel in the West Midlands to use the device; access to medical grade equipment is a game changer not only for us, but for every sector that wants to look after its workforce and clientele, in the immediate future and also in the far longer term.”