West Midlands 5G launches Connected Healthcare Programme to support digital transformation in healthcare


West Midlands 5G has launched a Connected Healthcare Programme to help organisations and businesses linked to the healthcare sector discover the full transformational advantages of 5G.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the programme is available to SMEs interested in embracing digitisation and improving operations through connectivity. The programme will be hosted virtually and comprises of six modules across two days.

Working in partnership with NHS Arden and GEM and ORCHA, the programme explores the ways in which 5G will benefit the NHS, healthcare organisations and patients.

The first part of the programme will cover modules one to three and is being held on Monday 22nd November from 10am to 4pm.

The first module is designed to help organisations understand the benefits of 5G, how it compares to other connectivity solutions, and how it underpins health and social care transformation.

The second module will allow participants to explore real life use cases and describe their own organisation’s perceived challenges and opportunities and gain tailored expert advice.

The final module on day one will explore digital strategy within the NHS and how SMEs fit into the NHS’ digital transformation plan, developing a clear vision for 5G to the service offering.

The second part of the programme covers modules four to six and can be booked for Tuesday 30th November 10am to 4pm or Thursday 2nd December 10am to 4pm.

Part two of the programme focuses on the business case, exploring how organisations can work with connectivity and technology partners, overcome challenges and discuss channels to accelerate growth. It helps consider how transformation will affect customer culture and attitudes, as well as the affect it has on employees and partners.

Supported by The Healthy Living Lab, Business Partners and ORCHA, part two also provides participants with insights into the work undertaken to regulate the digital health market and establishing access to trusted digital health technologies.

At the end of the programme, organisations will have the chance to continue their relationship with WM5G by taking advantage of a free consultation with the Health and Social Care Team to explore their next steps.

Adrian Smith, Health and Social Care Lead at WM5G, said: “5G holds the ability to revolutionise the way we think about healthcare by enabling patients to access care quickly and securely in community settings beyond the hospital”.

“By supporting healthcare organisations in progressing along their digital journey, the aim is to advance connectivity within the industry, improve efficiency and support the wider needs of patients, such as those needing remote support during the pandemic.

“We are looking forward to meeting with all organisations on our Connected Healthcare Programme and to supporting them on their journey to digitalisation.”