Website Surgery

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Having a website that isn’t performing can leave your business indifferent to the benefits of digital marketing.

Yes, you may have read or heard quite a lot about SEO, no doubt encountering an array of mildly baffling terms and some fairly wayward sales promises along the way.

In reality, to actually climb the search rankings you may need to become familiar with a few alien topics, such as:

authority, bounce, crawlability, duplicate, responsive, snippets, hyperlinks, keywords, LSI, meta, robots, fold, sitemap …..

Not surprisingly, making sense of all these and implementing the correct ones on your website is a much more sophisticated task than you may have been encouraged to believe.

So – Why not come along to a free demystifying website surgery?

You’ll get to discuss your website, in great depth, with one of revvd’s SEO experts.  They will review the good, the bad and if necessary, the ugly, then offer actionable advice that can dramatically improve the performance of your website.

What else will the surgery cover?

  • Keyword research for your website
  • On-Site SEO including
    • Site structure & design
    • On-page how to target your keywords
    • Blogging with intent to target searches
  • Local Search tools to dominate your area
  • Using your keywords in social media

You can also work alongside a revvd SEO specialist to review a selection of your competitors’ websites.  Truly valuable information will be revealed, which can be immediately applied to improve your sales and marketing strategy.

It works!   All kinds of businesses have already

transformed the performance of their website, by using help from revvd.

Telecommunications and IT service providers, artisan gin makers, mortgage brokers, and digital transformation specialists are just some of the companies revvd has worked alongside.  By embracing SEO, your business can remove the barriers to online success through an increased understanding of who your customers really are and what they are looking for right now.

To sign up for a free revvd website surgery, follow the link below: