Warwickshire pump manufacturer Lontra signs deal with major USA distributor

Lontra Production Line in Tyseley, Birmingham
Lontra Limited, the developer, manufacturer, and exporter of high value industrial machinery for critical industries, has signed Brabazon Pump, Compressor & Vacuum, as a distributor. Brabazon is the Mid-West’s largest distributor of Compressor, Pump and Vacuum products.
Brabazon will distribute Lontra’s energy-saving LP2 blower product within Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri. Lontra has already secured the distribution of its products in North America with additional coverage in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Florida, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Nebraska.
lontra-lp2-blower-blade-compressor-technologyThe LP2 blower features Lontra’s award-winning Blade Compressor technology: a patent-protected, compact, rotary compressor providing significant improvements in efficiency and reliability for applications in energy intensive industries such as wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, and industrial compressed air.
Heath Brabazon, President of Brabazon Pump, Compressor & Vacuum said:  “In relation to Lontra, we have been soliciting prospective customer feedback from the market and there is substantial interest in a more reliable and efficient product. Our industry figures suggest that the US PD [positive displacement] blower market in 2019 was over $2.3 Billion US. It is projected to grow to over $3Bn US by 2024.
One of the largest users are municipal wastewater treatment facilities. We have found most are using both PD blowers as well as centrifugal blowers. When allowing for the Lontra product taking a percentage of the centrifugal blower segment – the opportunity is even more attractive and greater than the $3Bn above.
Most facilities we have talked to are very dissatisfied with these solutions. The PD blowers are very loud and unreliable. The centrifugal blowers are more expensive. They run trouble -free but then fail catastrophically without warning which puts the treatment facility in a bind. When they fail, the costs to repair are prohibitive and they must go out for bid/installation/etc. Lontra’s Blade Compressor is an ideal solution for these customers.
We feel there will be substantial demand for the product based on reliability and reparability. In addition, the additional energy efficiency Lontra offers may justify a waste-water treatment plant switching over BEFORE their existing blowers fail if the cost/benefit analysis is presented correctly. Energy costs represent over 80 per cent of the life-time cost of running a compressor and hence is a key purchase decision trigger.”
Euan McCulloch, Chief Operating Officer at Lontra said: “Brabazon are the leading distributor in their region and have thoroughly investigated the Lontra technology and its potential with their customers. It’s a great endorsement of Lontra and our technology that a distributor of their stature has signed with us, further extending our coverage of the USA market.”
The USA represents 26 per cent of the global market for compressors, a significant opportunity for Lontra’s ground-breaking technology which has been proven to reduce electricity usage by up to 34 per cent  against market leading competitors. This significant energy saving is critical in industries such as water treatment where the electricity to run machines of this type can account for 72 per cent  of the total site electricity usage. Lontra will exhibit the LP2 blower later this year at WEFTEC, the largest water quality event in North America.