Warwickshire flooring retailer Factory Direct Flooring reduces 300 tonnes of CO2 equivalent

Factory Flooring Direct

Midlands-based flooring manufacturer and retail firm Factory Direct Flooring (FDF) is celebrating the milestone of planting 15,000 trees through climate action platform Ecologi. Just 15 months ago, FDF became a Climate Positive Workforce through Ecologi – which involves offsetting the carbon footprint of each employee by funding some of the world’s best carbon reduction projects, and funding responsible tree planting.

The offsetting is based on the approximate carbon footprint of FDF’s 25-strong workforce at its Hemdale Industrial Park-based warehouse and showroom facility. The verified carbon reduction projects FDF has been supporting each month has prevented the emission of more than 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) into the atmosphere. To put this achievement into perspective, that reduction effectively offsets the same emissions produced from 233 long-haul flights.

FDF’s founder Paul Hambidge said: “This milestone that Factory Direct Flooring has reached of planting 15,000 trees in just 15 months is something our whole team is proud of. We’ve seen that by taking quite a simple step and becoming a Climate Positive Workforce, businesses can easily fund climate action and make a difference. I certainly recommend Ecologi to other environmentally conscious SMEs.

“We are mindful about our operational impact on the planet and we moved to our current warehouse last year to consolidate and negate transport between units. FDF’s mission to reduce its environmental impact isn’t over; we are currently looking into using carbon accounting software Ecologi Zero to help us measure and reduce our emissions,” he added.

Sam Jackson, Senior Climate and Environmental Impact Manager at Ecologi, said: “We congratulate FDF on this milestone and thank them for their commitment to taking climate action. However large or small the contribution we make in our personal and professional lives, committing to being part of the solution and implementing change is crucial in our collective effort to solve climate change.”

Ecologi is a social enterprise and certified B corporation with a mission to halve the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. To date, its users have collectively funded the planting of 45 million trees and the reduction of 2.1 million tonnes of CO2e emissions through supporting the world’s best climate solutions.