Warwick company launches first skin-worn sensor for women seeking to conceive naturally

Fertility Focus, the Warwick-based manufacturer of fertility monitoring solutions, has launched OvuFirst, a patented sensor designed to measure skin temperature, providing women with an understanding of when to try and conceive naturally, and enabling them to determine what issues they may have trying to conceive.
Fertility Focus is a portfolio company of Foresight Group since its £1.25 million investment in 2019.
Joining the OvuSense fertility monitoring family which now supports couples from their first months trying to conceive right the way through to monitoring clinical treatment, OvuFirst is targeted at women who wish to monitor their ovulation and cycles in a convenient, non-invasive way.
By wearing the clinically-proven sensor on the arm or wrist overnight, the company says that OvuFirst confirms a woman’s fertile window with over 90 per cent accuracy even if she has irregular cycles – making it the most accurate skin-worn sensor on the market. The OvuSense App then uses this information to provide women with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of their next cycle.
Fertility Focus CEO Robert Milnes, said: “We took our revolutionary OvuSense patented technology proven in over 190,000 cycles of use, and used it to develop and test the most accurate skin-worn fertility monitoring sensor available on the market.
“We are proud to offer a convenient and easy-to-use solution to assist and support women during the early stages of their fertility journey, whether that is trying to start a family, or simply learning more about their bodies and cycles. There are so many people within our organization, as well as with tremendous partners such as Foresight Group, who have not only encouraged but participated in our company’s growth and exciting trajectory for helping women conceive. Thank you to all.”