Virtual Reality company is expanding by bringing interactive scenes, designed primarily for blue light services, to life around the world

Pictured: (left to right) Lindsay Ellis (Wright Hassall), Alex Harvey (RiVR), Bradley Woodward (RiVR) and Jo Goodworth (Wright Hassall)

A company that creates virtual reality training programmes is expanding by bringing interactive scenes, designed primarily for blue light services, to life around the world.

Southam-based company RiVR is expanding with the launch of new training simulations to meet the demand for interactive training programmes in over 20 different countries.

RiVR software creates realistic interactive scenes for fire investigation training and the assets are currently undergoing beta testing ahead of the world launch in September 2019.

The company has grown to become the global leading creators of photo realism room scale interactivity in virtual reality.

Its first product, RiVR Link Classroom Solution, is a VR tool which creates an interactive and shared experience controlled by the instructor through the headsets and is being sold around the world.

Leading Midlands law firm Wright Hassall has been working with RiVR on the contracts and terms and conditions for the new products and advised on appointing distributors to act as re-sellers for the sale of the products ahead of the global launch this month to ensure they maximise the opportunity.

Bradley Woodward, Managing Director for RiVR has outlined the company’s aim to continue this growth and expand their VR training to more industries with the teaching headsets.

He said: “Virtual Reality is a medium that can be used to bridge the gap between the classroom and experiential learning, which is why it is such an important tool for teaching and why it is adaptable to learning for most industries.

“With the launch of our new RiVR Investigate product we are able to meet the demand for VR training for the fire and rescue services and this has strong potential across the globe to create better learning outcomes, save money and be environmentally friendly.

“We were commissioned by the government’s Department of Science and Technology Lab to create an interactive crime scene which led to other commissions with the USA’s Department of Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence. Bringing our specialist VR solutions to these projects crucially gave us the profile to development key relationships and develop worldwide programmes.

“RiVR was founded only two years ago with the team rich in experience in video game design, photography, digital artistry, cinematography and training and education, combining to create innovative interactive learning.”

He added: “We’ve continued to grow at a rapid rate and have invested in our technology to create these new products whilst expanding our office three times and we now employ eleven full time members of staff.

“With RiVR Investigate launching in September, we already have over 20 different countries pre-ordering the trial kits, so we’re expecting this new product to be massively successful.”

Jo Goodworth, Legal Director in Wright Hassall’s commercial team, added: “It’s wonderful to see RiVR is expanding so rapidly to become leaders in photorealism and fire training services for VR. They have transferred skills from similar fields to create products which not only serve public safety but also have enormous commercial potential.

“We are thrilled to have been able to help with the expansion as they bring their new products to the global VR market.”