Versarien collaborates to develop ‘smart clothing’

Total Carbide 18.5.09 059

Versarien plc, the Cheltenham-headquartered advanced materials engineering group, has signed a collaboration agreement with a global textiles and apparel manufacturer to work on the incorporation of graphene into high performance sportswear.

The partner, headquartered in Asia, designs, develops and manufactures clothing for well-known global brands. Using Versarien’s graphene ink technology developed by the company’s subsidiary, Cambridge Graphene Ltd, the collaboration will involve the incorporation of graphene into textiles via yarns and fabric finishes.

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, said:

“Graphene has enormous potential to enhance the properties of fabrics and can also be incorporated within them to enable ‘smart clothing’ to be developed.”

“This agreement demonstrates the wide-ranging capabilities of Versarien in the field of graphene and other nano materials. Coupled with the other agreements we have signed, and those we are discussing with companies globally, this demonstrates the huge number of potential applications for the different types of high quality graphene we can produce.”