Veloci-Tech: Helping tech companies accelerate their growth

Promotional Business Feature: Pictured, Danielle Cole, Founder of Cole Accounting

Veloci-Tech based in Cheltenham, helps dynamic IT businesses grow and develop, by providing cloud-based accounting, strategic support, and up-to-the-minute financial information.

Danielle Cole is the founder of Cole Accounting in Cheltenham, a successful, family run accounting firm for entrepreneurial SME businesses.  Danielle set the company up nearly ten years ago and has grown the business from a small company that was all-consuming and struggling to generate a healthy profit, to increasing profit ten-fold and into a highly efficient company delivering sound financial support, compliance, and reporting for a range of companies.

With a strong team in place, over the last two years, Danielle has been able dedicate her time to growing the business, a perfect situation to be in and one which has been key to the business surviving through 2020.

During this time Danielle and the team at Cole Accounting have helped a number of successful and ambitious clients in the tech industry to grow and deal with the financial challenges that growth can bring.  Working with rapidly growing tech companies and Danielle’s experience of transforming her own business, provided her with strong insights into the unique challenges that growth and scaling brings.

It was this that inspired Danielle to want to help more tech businesses to grow and scale without becoming overwhelmed and making expensive mistakes by not controlling cashflow and here Veloci-Tech was born.

A sister company to Cole Accounting, Veloci-Tech, will build-in all those financial insights and experiences, combined with proactive financial planning and decision making.

Danielle commented, “At Veloci-Tech, we only deal with ambitious, UK-based tech companies, so we understand the challenges you face and the need to react quickly to grasp opportunities as they arise.”

“Tech companies aren’t like other businesses. With clients relying on you to keep going, day in, day out, you’re at the sharp edge of technology – fast-paced, responsive and flourishing”.

“Tech businesses operate very differently, but have one thing in common, they understand the value of up-to-the-minute financial information and forward-looking financial planning”.

As an outsourced part of your team, Veloci-Tech will help your business plan for funding, investment, avoid the usual pitfalls of growing and most importantly, avoid the risks of developing the product and service without focussing on the business at the same time.

Veloci-Tech will help you grow safely and increase the chances of success financially, but to be truly successful, good financial planning needs to be supported with commercial, operational, and strategic support too.  Ensuring that as business owners, you are strategic as the business grows but do not become overwhelmed operationally is key.

To achieve that support we have created a Veloci-Tech Business Accelerator combining a team of growth experts in operational, strategic, and commercial activities alongside the financial.


The Veloci-Tech Accelerator Program

This unique business accelerator within Veloci-Tech, is specifically designed for owners of dynamic tech companies looking to scale their business profitably and sustainably.

The team at Veloci-Tech will work closely with business owners to really understand their business, find out what they want to achieve both professionally and personally, identify any roadblocks they are coming up against and then formulate an action plan, mapping out the journey you need to take to achieve these goals.

Not only will we provide all of the strategic financial direction you need, but also consultant led strategic, commercial, technology, operation, planning, governance and business support to develop the business. We can also assist with expert consultants in other areas of business, such as recruitment, legal and HR, where needed along the way.  The accelerator will significantly enhance the chances of success with your company and increase sustainability, revenue, and profitability in a way that an outsourced FD alone cannot achieve.

Want to know how we can help your business? Let’s talk.

Contact Danielle or the Veloci-Tech team on 01242 371 317 or email