Unsure about your sales and marketing? When the world’s uncertain, taking sales and marketing back to basics is the best thing you can do.

Promotional business feature: Pictured - Adrian Gill, CEO, at GHJ
Adrian Gill[2]

Think, Covid, the new normal and what it means for your sales and marketing strategy these days.

You can’t turn anywhere and not hear somebody talking about COVID, and the new normal. But the truth is, when it comes to your sales and marketing strategy, nothing has changed.  If anything, the current situation simply underlines what we’ve always known. Do the basics well and keep it simple.

Adrian Gill, CEO at GHJ explains, at GHJ we have our own version of sales and marketing basics which have been designed by a mix of our own knowledge, skills and expertise. But it’s combined with the most important factor of all – years of experience behind the curtain of some of the UK’s most successful businesses, both large and small.

It means we know, first-hand, what works, what doesn’t and what good looks like.

So, what does good look like?

Well, it looks remarkably like going back to basics.

At GHJ we do that by making sure our clients can answer the following basic questions about their own sales and marketing:

  1. Do you know what percentage of sales should come from existing clients/customers versus new?
  2. Do you have a structured sales process?
  3. Do you know what an ideal prospect(s) looks like for you – not just at a company level but who the actual people who will buy or approve or influence whether your product/service is bought?
  4. Can you group your ideal prospects into meaningful segments/ groups who share common issues, attitudes and motivations?
  5. Do you know what each of those ideal prospects really value when buying your product/service – what’s on their scorecard, what are their criteria? What’s just a hygiene factor to them and what’s really important?
  6. Do you know how your competitors’ position or describe themselves and more importantly how they describe or position you when talking to prospects?
  7. Do you have a proposition or elevator pitch for each prospect group that is more than just a list of your products/services and that directly answers some of their issues and their buying criteria?
  8. Does Marketing work directly with sales to support the sales team throughout the sales journey – do they even both agree on who is the ideal prospect?
  9. If you’ve got all the above answered then is it visible in your marketing – look at your website, brochures, social media and sales presentations – if you were your ideal prospect – how well is all the above covered?

The challenge with the term ‘back to basics’ is that it’s relative. One person’s basics is another’s sophisticated, but whoever you are, if you have a sales and marketing function and are investing more than £50,000 (including salaries) then you should be able to answer the above basic nine questions

If you can’t, get in touch. We’ll show you how to get your business fighting fit by answering each one of these questions and putting together a simple sales and marketing plan on a page.

For more details on how GHJ can help you grow your business visit ghj-planningday.com

Come back next week for our tips on what role should your brand play in sales and getting yours fighting fit.

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The GHJ Team

Each of the team has run consultancies and marketing agencies where we were trusted with multi-million pound budgets and tasked with driving growth for brands in the UK and around the world. We set up GHJ to offer the same skills and support but this time aimed directly at entrepreneurial, dynamic, challenger businesses who are led from the front by their charismatic owners. It gave us more interesting clients, more interesting businesses and more fun. But most importantly, it delivered better results for our clients.  ​For the past 8 years we have worked behind the curtain with some of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses in the UK. We’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and how to help our clients achieve their goals.

Adrian Gill, CEO at GHJ: Adrian is an entrepreneur who has launched, grown, bought and sold multiple businesses and was MD of the UK’s fastest growing marketing agency. He’s classically trained in the real world of front-line sales and specialises in applying the theory and psychology of sales techniques into practical strategies.