TV star Phillip Schofield joins forces with Stroud company in wine box revolution

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Consumers used to seeing recommendations from Phillip Schofield will now be able to try two box wines that he liked so much he agreed to put his name to them.

Wine specialist, When in Rome, has joined forces with the national TV favourite to launch two new box wines, which will be launched exclusively in store and on-line at Waitrose this month.

Well-known wine aficionado and environmentally aware consumer, Phillip Schofield, has joined the wine industry’s fight to reduce carbon emissions by partnering with When in Rome to develop a beautiful range of great value wines, in eco-friendly packaging.

These two high-quality, artisan wines; a Falanghina (white) and a Nero di Troia (red), have both been sourced from independent Italian vineyards.

For his box wine collection, Phillip has chosen a classic Italian Falanghina, produced by wine cooperative Antica Hirpinia from their vineyards just outside Taurasi, in the Campanian region of South West Italy. It has delicate aromas of acacia and orange blossom and tickles the taste buds with green apple, quince and lime flavours, offering a crisp, minerally finish.

The red, a Nero di Troia is an organic wine from La Cantina di Andria, which known locally as “il Vignuolo”, is a cooperative winery made up of 40 producers covering around 200 hectares spread over the hills of the Castel del Monte region of Puglia. It’s a real powerhouse of a red, rippling with blackcurrant, plum and red cherry notes. Its firm structure finishes with complex hues of violets, star anise and fig.

When in Rome Phillip SchofieldWhen in Rome CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Malin, said: “We are very excited about this launch. We asked Phillip if he would be keen to choose his own Italian craft wine, which he was really excited by, so we took a number of samples from across Italy and let him choose his favourites.”

He adds, “Having someone like Phillip on board to support the box wine category, demonstrates the size of the opportunity we have in the market to educate consumers that there is another way to enjoy high quality wine that doesn’t have to be bought in a bottle.”

Of the new partnership, Phillip says, “When I agreed to this partnership, I had certain conditions; I wanted to be part of the tasting team, I wanted figures on how eco-friendly box wine was and I wanted it to be good value. The result is something I felt I could really invest in.

“I have really enjoyed the process of sourcing, selecting and now sharing these wines with everyone. I don’t think there is anything I have been so passionate about, so I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.”

Anne Jones, Waitrose Partner and Category Manager, Drinks, said, “We’ve been delighted to support When in Rome, they have been instrumental in the success of our Unpacked project, and are working hard to introduce our customers to box wine. Their new partnership with Phillip Schofield, who is himself one of the Waitrose Wine Ambassadors, offers a great extension to the box range of wines for customers and it will be wonderful to see how Phillip’s personal involvement will bring this delicious wine format to a new audience. We’re excited to see how these new wines will be enjoyed in the coming months!”

This is the second partnership When in Rome has announced recently, following the collaboration with The Wine Show to bring a Portuguese wine into the Waitrose Unpacked project, for which When in Rome are the sole wine supplier.

Earlier this week, When in Rome, joined the call for people to stay at home by changing the name of its business across all of its social media platforms to When in Home.

Nero Di Troia

This organic red is a real powerhouse, rippling with blackcurrant, plum and red cherry notes. Its firm structure finishes with complex hues of violets, star anise and fig.

Meet the producer
La Cantina di Andria, known locally as “il Vignuolo”, is a cooperative winery with 40 producers covering around 200 hectares, spread over the hills of the Castel del Monte region of Puglia. Right in the middle of the heel of Italy’s boot, with plenty of sunshine and a stable climate thanks to the sea and the protection of the Apennine Mountains, this is perfect wine growing country.


An Italian classic, Falanghina is fruity and refreshing. This wine is bursting with zesty lemon and lime flavours, delicate acacia and orange blossom notes and hints of tart green apple and quince on the finish.

Meet the producer
Antica Hirpinia sits just outside Taurasi, which famously boomed as a winemaking centre after the opening of the “wine railway” from Avellino to Roccheta Sant’Antonio in 1895. The real story of Antica Hirpinia began in 1959 with the creation of the province’s first cooperative winery. Today, led by a group of friends who took over it in 2016, Antica Hirpinia aims to produce wines that  communicate