Trikes for the disabled designer helps boost Cheltenham’s Festival of Cycling participation

Tomcat Trikes

Following on from the success of the 2017 Tour of Britain event, Cheltenham’s Festival of Cycling returns to Pittville Park on Sunday 19 May, and this year, Gloucester-based business Tomcat, which designs and builds bicycles for the disabled community, is working with Gloucestershire Wheels for All, to offer an inclusive offering for those that have a mobility issue but would still like to participate in the cycling festival.

Tomcat Trikes 2

Since 1997, Tomcat has changed for the better the lives of thousands of children and adults who thought that cycling was entirely beyond their reach.

The Cheltenham Festival of Cycling will host a range of fun family friendly activities celebrating everything cycling from 10am to 5pm.

Around one in six Gloucestershire residents have reported having a long-term limiting health problem or disability; around seven per cent reported that their activities were limited ‘a lot’ and nearly one in ten reported their activities were limited ‘a little’

Studies show that cycling offers multiple health benefits, from improving alertness at work to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Cycling has also been linked to improved mental wellbeing. As a sustainable mode of transport it is also beneficial for the environment. With disabled people more likely to be physically inactive and socially isolated than nondisabled people (and likely to be older), the range of benefits that cycling has to offer is vast.

Tomcat has supported the disability sector for over 20 years and its vision is to make cycling accessible to all.