TimeFinders launches innovative advocacy service

Photo shows: Alison Hesketh, Timefinders
Alison Hesketh, Timefinders

Newbury-based TimeFinders has announced an innovative service to protect the best interests of people who do not have someone to appoint as a Health & Welfare Attorney.

Alison Hesketh, Managing Director of TimeFinders, said: “We work with many people who are ageing alone or who have family living at a distance. Many have no-one to appoint or are reluctant to burden distant family or friends with the demands and responsibilities of being a Health & Welfare Attorney.

“In our experience the majority of solicitors will rightly refuse to take on the role of a client’s Health & Welfare Attorney as the demands required of such an appointment falls far outside the legal remit and expertise of a solicitor. In addition, H&W Attorneyship must be held by a named individual which causes problems with succession. This inevitably leaves people unsupported and vulnerable.

TimeFinders has developed the traditional role of the Advocate to encompass all the different types of support a client might require in later life. Best described as a surrogate family member, the TimeFinders’ Advocate provides the individual with the dedicated support and time required to help them consider, make and manage important decisions about their future.

The company has already worked with several solicitors, including Gardner Leader and Irwin Mitchell, both in Newbury.

Stewart Stretton-Hill, solicitor with Irwin Mitchell (Later Life Specialist), said: “The team at TimeFinders are simply excellent. The Advocacy Service provides essential and invaluable support to ensure that people, who are at the most vulnerable time of their lives, are heard and their wishes respected.”