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Tim Plunkett established Plunkett Associates 14 years ago and has never looked back. Tim is widely known in the industry; having already established two pioneering additive manufacturing companies, he launched Plunkett Associates, building on his wealth of experience and contacts across the globe.

A reliable, impartial and knowledgeable resource

The aim was to address the need for a reliable, impartial and knowledgeable resource through which British manufacturing companies could order prototype and low volume production parts.

Today, Tim’s focus hasn’t changed; the only difference is that the quantities have! Plunkett Associates are now involved in much higher production quantities alongside their low volume work, and can support clients ongoing Product Development.

Plunkett’s work with clients from their initial designs and prototyping, and provides support for design for manufacture and the transition to early production. They can then facilitate either full scale manufacturing schedules through their Far Eastern partners or more locally in the UK.

Sourcing the most appropriate and cost effective solutions and suppliers

Tim has always been aware that clients don’t necessarily have the time, expertise or contacts to source their own suppliers for prototype or production parts. Plunkett’s take away the aggravation by handling all aspects of production from brief to delivery.

Providing local fast track tooling and moulding

In addition, 3 years ago, Tim set up another company, Adept Precision, to support local tooling and production demands. Despite the uncertain climate, ongoing Brexit movements and the constant changes within the industry, Tim was determined to keep client requirements a priority.

Managed by Plunkett Associates, Adept Precision provide Prototype and Production Tooling along with an integrated moulding capability, allowing clients the option of a local, UK, fast track production resource that had previously been proving difficult to source.

Over the last 3 years, things have certainly changed! Demand has increased enormously and our facilities have developed accordingly!

The Machine Shop

Adept Precision’s Machine Shop now houses a Fanuc CNC machine plus two HURCO’s complemented by experienced machinists and toolmakers.

The demand for tooling has steadily increased and so now offer both steel and aluminium tools to address customer’s needs. Tooling can also be outsourced in both the UK and the Far East when internal capacity falls short.

As Tim continues to push the limits of what is possible, the combination of conversational programming and using the CAM system has offered flexibility that ultimately benefits lead-times. Parts of much higher complexity are also being achieved, all credit to the highly specialised machinists and their skills. Additionally, the Fanuc regularly runs lights out, supporting production timescales and budgets.

Bespoke Injection Moulding Facility

Adept also have a dedicated Mould Shop, currently boasting four injection moulding machines (40, 80, 100 and 120 tonne). Operating from their Gloucester base, the injection moulding operation is a huge asset, supporting clients with ever rising production requirements.

Adept’s experienced moulders also provide the opportunity for clients to re-shore tools from the Far East back into the UK. Several clients now have the security of knowing their tools are safely stored more locally, with the added bonus of parts now being UK manufactured which avoids the overseas shipping costs and import duties.

With lead-times always an issue, the need to run “lights out” has grown and Adept have made their first foray into the world of robotics and now have a fully automated packaging system. No doubt this will be the first of many…!

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance standards guaranteed

Tim and his team not only produces parts of outstanding quality, but both Plunkett Associates and Adept Precision have ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, helping to give clients peace of mind and the necessary credentials regarding the work system processes.

So where will Adept Precision and Plunkett Associates go from here? The ability to service current requirements in a forever changing industry has always been a priority for Tim, and so one thing you can be sure of, is it’s highly unlikely he will be staying still for very long!


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01452 386608