The sweet smell of success for one-year-old Broadway natural beauty business


A Worcestershire skincare company which uses natural remedies, forgotten customs and folk medicine to create its products is set to expand after celebrating its first anniversary.

ORKA-Naturals uses age-old remedies, healing knowledge and natural ingredients for its range which has been sold successfully online.

The company, based in Broadway, which only launched in January last year, is now introducing new products and has just moved into bricks and mortar sales.

ORKA-Naturals started offering a range of soaps created from everything from calendula to chamomile and St John’s Wort to Frankincense, but the range has already expanded.

Body butter has now been launched, as well as lip balms and face creams are also set to be introduced in the first part this year.

That development has led to a partnership with The Courtyard Salon in Evesham which is now stocking ORKA-Naturals products.

Kirsty Cameron, owner of The Courtyard Salon, has just opened up a new purpose-built salon at Blackminster Business Park and expanded the offer with a wide range of organic and natural product ranges for their customers.

ORKA-Naturals founder Kate Varvedo, was raised in Hungary where her grandfather taught her about nature and animals.

Kate said: “ORKA-Naturals is very much about going back to basics and using organic ingredients to create products that hail back to a time when natural remedies were used.

“Many of the herbs that are used I grow myself and those that I do not grow, I source from natural organic suppliers.

“This means that out products and processes are much more caring for the body than mass produced items that have a higher use of chemicals.

“I am so pleased with how receptive people have been so far and the fact that we are now working with The Courtyard Salon is absolutely fantastic.

“My aim has been to work with as many small, independent and local businesses as possible, which is why I am thrilled to be working with The Courtyard Salon as collaboration is very much in at any time, but especially now.”

Kate is now looking at other ways in which is can grow and develop the business including making the products even more sustainable, the launch of a shop on Amazon and branching out into herbal teas.

“This year will be about creating more products and showcasing them through more retailers in the area,” added Kate.

“I am in discussions with a number of businesses, but the Coronavirus pandemic has slowed things down a little, so I am hoping we can get things moving again and get products out there through more outlets.”