THE Rotahub solution

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A true first for the UK, RotaHub is a super-effective way for companies to manage their workforce, facilities and equipment while also making sure they’re more compliant, efficient and cost-effective. Historically, workforce management activities have been unduly segmented causing real frustration. RotaHub has now brought together this know-how into a single unified service. This bespoke nine step processes is delivered by a team of our experienced professionals and fully supported by sophisticated digital management platforms and client portals.

RotaHub always starts the process by truly understanding the needs of the client. Only then do we develop a Workforce Strategy followed by agreement of the actionable Workforce Plan. With a programme for success in place, we design and build the Base Operating Structure that allows us to Manage and Operate Real-time Quotas as well as Operate ‘Live’ Time and Attendance. Using information gathered, RotaHub now produces Live Actuals that can be reviewed to Ensure Compliance and Maintain Competence. With accurate and insightful data now accessible, the system can Transfer to Payroll right up to employee payment through the BACS system. The final stage in the process is to Analyse, Optimise and Continually Improve this method in a cycle of perpetual enhancement. These nine primary stages are all part of the Strategy, Planning, Delivery, Compliance and Capture cycle.

RotaHub works with organisations of all sizes from SME’s to large corporates and, the best news is, we only charge a modest cost per active employee with no up-front expenses or capital expenditure.

Due to the importance of Compliance Management in business, RotaHub also offers this service as an independent module. We identify and monitor your compliance requirements to ensure that you’re aware of issues that need addressing. Implementation of this service ensures total system and payroll compliance and lowers the possible risk you present to your insurers – potentially saving you money.

With significant experience of working with accreditation bodies, RotaHub has excellent systems and resources to help organisations achieve auditable transparency, pass audits and acquire ISO or CQC certifications.

Others companies may offer some of what we do but only RotaHub does it from start to finish. Say goodbye to standalone systems for payroll, timesheets and compliance tracking. Save time, money and frustration and let RotaHub plan and deliver the only workforce solution you’ll need. RotaHub is currently the only UK Company that has developed a unified digital management platform to solve the problem of disparate workflow systems. Right People, Right Place, Right Time!