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Promotional Business Feature: BPE Solicitors - Pictured, Antonia Shield, Managing Partner
BPE Antonia Shield

BPE is an ambitious and expanding law firm, established by innovators and mould breakers who do things differently. Innovation in law is no longer a trend or mere hype, but a tangible and urgent need.

Although our leadership and people have changed over the years, our passion for innovation and our refreshing, imaginative approach remain at the core of our culture.

BPE has evolved to be unlike most other law firms, with an approach based on strong commercial realism, a reputation for the highest quality client service and a refreshingly open and inclusive culture.

We searched long and hard for a set of values that truly summed up the good parts of our culture and we constantly revisit them to make sure they are still real and true.

  • We celebrate and support individuality and diversity in our clients and our people
  • We work together to achieve more
  • We are committed to continuous improvement
  • We think and work creatively and innovatively
  • We care about our people, our clients, our work and our communities

A great place to work cares about and supports its employees whilst also challenging them to grow with the organisation. At BPE we develop careers in an innovative environment. We’ve built our

team on the sharpest legal minds from other law firms (including the City), from business and straight out of law college and also school. It’s the perfect blend of experience and energy and we give all our people the autonomy and freedom to find ways to work better with our clients.

Our trainees and paralegals are given real responsibility from day one – they sit and mix with senior staff‑ and are encouraged to be themselves, chase ideas and roll their sleeves up on challenging work from the outset.

A career in the legal industry is full of opportunities. Law continues to become more diverse and specialised and the expertise required to meet those broad and increasingly sophisticated client needs offers a huge opportunity to anyone wanting a career in law.

No longer is it just about being a solicitor, paralegal or PA in any one of the numerous fi elds of law now needing expert advisory services, it is also about legal technicians interacting with clever AI software and legal project managers co-ordinating complex transactions or legal projects.

At BPE, through our enviable client list, our people enjoy an exciting range and complexity of work, thus offering excellent, flexible career opportunities at all levels. Any law fi rm that wants to be an employer of choice in the modern new world must offer greater flexibility in working patterns and typically less commuting.

Whilst the pandemic has changed the way firms work, for many the expectation of putting in very long hours remains the same, which can take a toll on personal and family life.

At BPE, we tailor our flexible working to suit every individual’s needs and believe strongly in working to achieve a true work life balance. We know that if our people are happy and well looked after, then so are our clients. We’re lucky enough to enjoy the best of both worlds – City-quality work with the beauty and vibrancy of Cheltenham and the Cotswolds on our doorstep.

Clients are vital, but talent is of the essence in the legal sector. To attract young talent, firms and organisations must appreciate the driving factors and goals of upcoming lawyers.

The next generation of lawyers are hungry to learn quickly and have responsibility. They have less appetite for the mundane tasks traditionally associated with a historic legal training and want to embrace the opportunities offered by technology. They thrive in a less hierarchical structure where the emphasis is on team achievement over the individual, in the same way a focus on minimising the negative impact on our world must be central to their day to day.

“A key differentiator for our people is that we encourage people to be themselves, with their colleagues and our clients, and although we’re not a family firm, the support and teamwork makes it feel like one” – Antonia Shield, Managing Partner

At BPE we nurture talent. We are a collective of remarkable individuals and we work hard to create a business and environment to support our people to be the best they can.

For aspiring people at any level, BPE offers a more rewarding career in law because of the importance we place on allowing people to be themselves and getting the balance right between life and work.

We are always on the lookout for ambitious, enthusiastic lawyers with exceptional talent so get in touch.

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