The Boys That Sew hang loose as they target new customer segment to survive and thrive

The Boys that Sew

A curtain-making duo who saw orders dry up overnight when lockdown was announced, are celebrating a successful revival of the business after shifting their business away from consumers to trade.

At the beginning of 2020, Ryan Whittaker and Pete Eastwood had launched their business “The Boys That Sew”, which catered to the consumer market. But Covid-19’s lockdown drove customers to cancel or put their orders on hold.

Faced with no work after months running at full capacity, the Berkeley-based team decided to “pivot” and turn their attention to the trade sector, and invested time amassing and targeting around 850 prospects.

During this time that they came into contact with Richard Peers, a Business Navigator at the Stroud Growth Hub, part of Gloucestershire Growth Hub which offers a one-stop shop for support; be that funding, training or general expertise.

Growth Hub business guide Andy Kime, said: “Pete and Ryan had already realised that they needed a new operational model when we met, so we built on this and wrote a three-year growth plan and put together some useful spreadsheets and frameworks that are tailored to their business and business goals.”

The Boys That Sew have not just survived, but thrived, by diversifying to offer a trade workroom which will continue to be at the forefront of their business growth strategy.

“The support we got from the Growth Hub was immense, helping us organise our strategies into an effective way to create structured operational and business systems which helps to inform our business decisions based on probability and our business success factors,” said Pete.