Tewkesbury survey company is a global Rising Star

SmartSurvey Ltd.

Tewkesbury based survey software specialist, SmartSurvey, has been named a Rising Star in the Online Survey Software category of the Summer 2019 Customer Success Report, published by B2B software specialists Featured Customers. This latest award follows the local provider’s award win with business technology software reviewers G2 Crowd, which is reflective of SmartSurvey’s growing reputation and appeal in the global online survey software market.

Following its launch in 2010, SmartSurvey, which has experienced 40 per cent year on year growth, has gone on to work with some of the world’s leading brands across multiple sectors. From its Tewkesbury HQ, the survey software specialist has also become a trusted supplier to some of the region’s most prestigious organisations including Gloucestershire County Council, Stroud District Council, NHS Gloucestershire CCG and the University of Gloucestershire.

SmartSurvey was one of only a few companies which successfully met the criteria necessary for inclusion in the survey software category of FeaturedCustomers’ Customer Success Report. The online survey provider earned their Rising Star award based on the authentication, quality and volume of their customer success content across a mix of case studies, testimonials and user reviews from multiple third-party sites.

Having seen how crucial research has become to the success of market leaders in both B2B and B2C sectors, companies of all sizes are now looking at how they can better utilise their data to make smarter decisions. They have realised the power that gathering internal and external feedback provides in helping them develop better strategies across marketing, training, employee relations, customer engagement and more; driving significant impact to their profitability and market share. Consequently, the demand for simple to use, quality survey software continues to grow. SmartSurvey’s ability to meet these requirements, together with the advanced performance and high levels of security offered by their survey software, has led to the company already successfully helping more than 250, 000 customers worldwide.

SmartSurvey CEO, Mo Naser, said: “We are really delighted with this achievement. It’s also fantastic as a locally developed business to witness our emergence as a significant player in the global online survey software market.  And given today’s heightened customer concerns around data protection and security due to current Brexit uncertainties, our ability to provide clients with a completely UK based offering, both regards to our team and data, which is hosted on UK based servers, puts us at a distinct advantage. It is a value proposition, which very few of our rivals can offer. It is also an opportunity we are relishing, as we look forward to providing more customers within Gloucestershire and beyond with the higher levels of data security assurances, they need to collect feedback throughout their business and drive better decisions and outcomes.”

More details about the Rising Star award, the Summer 2019 Customer Success Report and SmartSurvey’s profile, which includes detailed product scorecard ratings is available at:https://www.featuredcustomers.com/vendor/smartsurvey