Tewkesbury industrial control business enters global market

Trio Motion Technology

The Tewkesbury-based designer of industrial automation controls, Trio Motion Technology, is targeting growth as it enters the global machine and robot build market with the launch of its latest high tech devices.

Trio has developed its first servo drive and electric motors, the devices which connect a production machine or robot control system to its moving parts. The launch means that the company will now directly supply machine and robot manufacturers around the world with a complete automation control package.

Trio is a world leader in the design of motion coordinators, the computer used to control the precise movement of factory machines and robots. Up to now, the company has provided motion coordinators via a global network of distributors, as well as to global automation companies which have rebranded Trio’s motion coordinators as part of their own automation control packages.

The development of Trio’s DX4 servo drive & MX series electric motors, combined with its existing range of motion coordinators, now comprises Trio’s complete automated control system. Trio will supply its control system to the global market, providing the ability to fully automate machines and robots in industries including electronic goods manufacture and pharmaceutical production.

Trio has already increased the size of its team based out of its Tewkesbury headquarters as well as its locations around the world as part of its new product development.

Founded in Tewkesbury in 1987, Trio has grown thanks to the expertise of its engineers, most of whom are based out of Tewkesbury. Today, Trio has a sales network covering the global market, with more than 90 per cent export sales and significant presence in Europe, North America, India and China.

Trio has more than 75 employees located around the world, half of which are based in Gloucestershire.

The launch heralds a new era of expansion for Trio as the company plans a research and development pipeline of additional machine automation components for release over the coming years.

Trio 2 – Roy Bamforth [2] Roy Bamforth, Director and co-founder of Trio, said: “It’s a significant step for Trio as the new product launch means that we now provide a complete automation package and are able to sell directly to machine and robot manufacturers around the world. This opens a huge market for us.

“It’s also great news for Gloucestershire. It’s been our home for over 30 years and it’s where the core of our expertise is based. The launch means expanded investment for Trio in Tewkesbury which we plan to continue into the future.”

In 2017 Trio was acquired by the Chinese company Estun Group, which is supporting Trio in its growth with assistance through shared facilities and R&D as well as financial backing. Trio has exceeded 15 per cent growth year on year since the acquisition. In addition to the primary global markets, a significant proportion of Trio’s business is in China where the company’s motion control capability has enabled Estun to become a major player in the China automation market. Despite the presence of the Estun brand, motion control products in China carry Trio branding.