Tewkesbury-based Cotteswold Dairy acquires Herefordshire business

Cotteswold Dairy

Cotteswold Dairy, now one of the largest independent family diaries in the UK, has acquired the 149-year-old Hereford-based Bartonsham Farm Dairies, set on the banks of the River Wye.

Cotteswold, which processes more than 80 million litres of milk a year, has three service depots, in Cheltenham, Shropshire and North Wales, along with its main production site in Tewkesbury and works with dozens of family farms.

Cotteswold Dairy Limited was founded in 1938 by ambitious 20 year old Harry Workman when he purchased a 30 gallon per day milk round from his brother in law.  Milk delivery was made in a Morris 8 van, twice a day, 365 days per year.  It was hard work and the returns were small, yet despite opposition from many competitors, a determined young Harry proved everyone wrong.  He knew that by adhering to his values of quality, service and cleanliness he could offer a first class product to his customers and build a successful business.  Today, with these values still at the forefront, the company is thriving as an independent family dairy in an extremely competitive industry.

Cotteswold will be continuing services previously run by Bartonsham Farm Dairies, with a focus on doorstep deliveries. Last Month Cottewold Dairy secured planning permission for the phased redevelopment of its dairy at Newtown in Tewkesbury. The permission includes demolition of existing buildings and provision of new buildings comprising of 6,223 square metres of floor space to provide cold stores, offices, visitor reception, plant room and staff welfare facilities, additional milk silos, vehicle loading areas and other associated infrastructure.