Tech for Kids – Can You Help a Disadvantaged Child?


January is always a good time for a clear out, but could you help a disadvantaged child with their education at the same time too? ISO providers, Worcester-based ISO Quality Services is appealing to local businesses to donate any unused IT equipment such as laptops, tablet computers, mouses or keyboards to charities or local schools to help support the education of disadvantaged children.

Last year, 575 million school days were missed and it hit both parents and children hard but those from disadvantaged backgrounds were hit the hardest.

During the last lockdown there were concerns over the digital divide between families; those with laptops and fast internet speed and those who may not be able to get online at all.  Between March and December last year the Government delivered more than 560,000 devices to schools and councils in England with promises of a further 100,000 by the end of this week but it is still not enough.  The Children’s Commissioner reported that the disadvantage gap has widened as a result of the first lockdown.  In addition, children were around three months behind their education in September, four months in the most deprived areas.

Let’s make sure all of our local children have access to education and the best opportunities possible for learning.

ISO Quality Services is an independent organisation specialising in helping SMEs improve their businesses through the implementation of ISO and BS EN Management Standards. The team provides a range of services including certification, consultancy and training.

How can you help?

A list of Charities who can wipe your devices and donate to local schools within your area is available on the BBC Radio website.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with a local school directly.