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A series of free webinars have been developed by Thursfields Solicitors, to explain the wide range of services offered by the leading Midland law firm.

The virtual Talk Legal sessions have been taking place with Thursfields’ top lawyers since spring last year to enable the company to continue its regular workshops for businesses and the community during the various COVID-19 lockdowns.

The monthly Zoom webinars have proved so popular that the online format has now been continued for a total of 16 Talk Legal webinars to date, with more planned for the future.

Each session is supported by a recorded video interview with the legal experts concerned, resulting in a library of vidcasts that can be accessed free of charge via

Michelle O’Hara, managing director of Thursfields, said: “We’re well known for our regular workshops for businesses and the community, and have always been keen to widen the audience for our legal guidance.

“Because it wasn’t possible to hold physical events during the pandemic lockdowns, we started recording a series of vidcasts on different legal topics to support our live and interactive Talk Legal webinars via Zoom.

“We’ve found this format to be really popular, as almost everyone has quickly gained Zoom skills, and the Talk Legal webinars have regularly attracted significant live audiences.

“This has become a great way to help people and businesses become more aware of those legal jobs they want to get round to.”

Legal issues covered by Thursfields’ Talk Legal series to date have included:

  • Power of Attorney: do you know if you should you have one?
  • Back to the future: A return to the workplace?
  • Guide to buying, selling or leasing commercial premises
  • Planning the future of your business – safeguarding, growth and succession
  • What to expect when you’re not expecting – a guide to tackling disputes
  • Wealth protection
  • Steps to take when a co-parenting relationship breaks down
  • Dealing with digital assets in wills and estates
  • Pensions and commercial property
  • Commercial contracts
  • Insolvency
  • Property auctions
  • How to deal with redundancies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Making a will
  • Divorce and finances

Ms O’Hara added: “Seeking legal advice might be a new or daunting experience for some, but our Talk Legal webinars have all featured our lawyers directly speaking to people live online.

“This has helped put our clients and potential new clients at ease as well as inform them about the steps they may need to take if they have a legal issue.

“Our new Talk Legal webinars are another example of the way we’re using technology to make sure our guidance is widely available to everyone.”

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