Talented Cirencester photographer showcases light painting exhibition


Award-winning Kay Ransom Photography launched a new show this week at the Cirencester Growth Hub. “Light Painting Experiences”  compliments Kay’s existing high-profile photographic work and the event was attended by forty local influential people.

Kay Ransom

“Light Painting” is an age-old photography technique, involving a darkened space with lots of torches and fun props. The camera runs on a 30 second exposure during which time participants work together using the light sources to create, art, words or fun portraits for each other. The results are ready instantly on the back of the camera and it’s exciting because every photo is unique, complex art creations can be achieved, limited only by the team’s imagination.


What’s different about using this technique in this context, is that it’s never been used in a corporate event or team building capacity. Kay came up with the concept six years ago and it has now been developed with the help of her new business coach Paul Holmes, into a range of event types, from fun experience through to corporate development and workshops.