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Even if you’ve never heard the term ‘hard market’ before, you might be about to experience the effects of one as a commercial insurance customer. We are entering a period where demand for insurance exceeds supply for the first time in a generation and conditions are tough for some clients.

Aston Lark wants to help you take control of the situation, understand the context within the insurance industry, guide you through the process and work together to mitigate the impact as much as we can.

In these exceptional circumstances, most businesses will be facing difficulties. With the widespread and global effects of Covid-19, even those businesses with strong Business Continuity Plans would not have been able to foresee and plan for such extensive operational impacts.

In extreme examples, insurance could become a risk itself: whether cover is available or affordable.  It will typically become harder and more expensive for the average business to source adequate cover during a hard market. This is because insurers’ appetite for risk is much more selective, with fewer companies competing for new customers.

Invest in Risk Management

Now more than ever, it’s vital to invest in robust risk management processes and provide documentation of these practices to your insurer at renewal time. Your risk management documentation should highlight:

  • Proper cash flow budgets & controls
  • Seamless contracts with clients that clearly outline the responsibilities of both parties
  • Effective supply chain management e.g. positive relationships with suppliers, due diligence of supply chain risks and well-distributed liability agreements
  • Robust internal practices and standards to mitigate on-site risks

What you do now will be critically important for your business. Aston Lark recognises this and is providing businesses with a range of information, support and tools to help you. In our ‘Road to Recovery’ toolkit you will find:

  • Risk assessment templates for you to use to keep up with UK Government guidelines
  • Cashflow templates
  • Supply chain management checklists
  • Trade Credit insurance advice
  • Advice on statutory and electrical inspections
  • FREE* access to our Health & Safety and HR portal that provides you with:
    • Advice, information and templates to use
    • Access to a range of e-learning modules that you can use to train staff
    • Access to ‘Ask the Expert’, which enables you to quickly receive answers to any H&S and HR questions
  • FREE* access to a combined driver risk assessment and e-learning package for your employees

Sign up today to:

Safety Solutions

Driver Risk Assessment tool

Aston Lark provides clients with a variety of commercial insurance packages that will respond to the specific risks and challenges they face every day.  We would urge you to start your insurance renewal process earlier to ensure you get the best deal available. If you’d like to speak to us, call Jim Stevenson, Associate Director and Head of Cheltenham office today on 07970 084350 or request a call back here.

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