Swindon pharma company buys contract manufacture and assembly business


The Wasdell Group, Europe’s largest independent specialist manufacturing partner to the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries and whose headquarters is in Swindon, has acquired Honeywood Limited, which is based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

The move will strengthen and expand Wasdell Group’s manufacturing capacity in the UK to support its growing client portfolio, and follows the recent announcement of the completion of the group’s €36 million European headquarters in Dundalk, Ireland.

Honeywood has operated as a specialist manufacturer to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for more than 20 years. Its acquisition by Wasdell is the latest step in the group’s growth plans to meet world-wide rising demand for outsourced pharmaceutical services.

Wasdell Group’s chairman Martin Tedham said: “We are delighted that Honeywood has become part of the Wasdell Group. “Honeywood is an excellent fit with Wasdell’s operations. For example, its oral liquid manufacturing capabilities will allow us to instantly increase capacity beyond our existing Newcastle upon Tyne facility to meet customer demand.

“This acquisition adds capacity to our manufacturing capability in the UK and will enable us to support our growing number of clients in the US, which already work closely with Wasdell to secure a fully outsourced supply chain for their products within Europe.”

Later this year, Wasdell Technical, the dedicated division that designs and manufactures commercial tooling for the group, will leave its current premises at Blagrove, as the lease on that building comes to an end.

Staff employed at Wasdell Technical will be moving to a site at Groundwell in north Swindon.

Wasdell is a family-owned, family-run company that has grown year on year from £2 million in 2012 to £41 million in 2019. Its growth strategy includes further developing its design, manufacturing, clinical testing and other services to support the important expanding global pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.

The company has invested substantially in production machinery and processes, to help it keep ahead of important new regulations against counterfeited drugs which have begun to be introduced globally this year.  Wasdell has also grown its expert and specialist services in the areas of pharmaceutical research, patient trials and the certification of new drugs to release to market.

The company exports 85 per cent of its goods, and has more than 280 partners and customers across 47 countries. Around 650 of its 800 workforce is based in Swindon, and more than 230 of its suppliers are based within a 10-mile radius of the town.