Swindon IT solutions company positions itself at centre of remote working revolution

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A Swindon company is positioning itself at the heart of a remote working revolution that could see huge swathes of the UK workforce operating from home.

As businesses start to reopen following the lockdown enforced by the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are giving their employees the option continue working from home.

Social media giant Twitter has told its 5,000 employees – including those based at its London office – that it would be their decision whether they return to the office or continue working from home.

Meanwhile telecommunications giant BT currently has 8,500 call centre staff working remotely and the company says it will let staff decide whether or not they want to come back, while the CEO of banking group Barclays has said that putting 7,000 people in the office might be a thing of the past.

Now, computer support and services firm Datalibrium has launched an eight week FREE transition package to support businesses that already staff working remotely, or want to adopt a home-based approach to work as their business begins to unlock.

The package includes all the physical and virtual tools a business and its staff need to operate remotely, including Office 365 application hosting and email, home and office unified telephone systems, safe storage solutions for customer data and online cash transactions, and migration to Cloud-based servers.

The package is backed up by support from qualified IT professionals.

Managing director Emma Faramarzi said: “If the Covid-19 lockdown has taught us one thing it’s that many if not most future business models will involve a degree of remote working.

“For some companies that will mean downsizing on office space, for others it might mean abandoning physical offices all together. In both cases, the economic savings can be huge.”

One company that has used Datalibrium’s services to make the leap to remote working is London-based health care provider HCL Workforce Solutions.

Group CEO and founder Ian Munro said: “Datalibrium understand the challenges of ensuring our clients receive premier service any time of the day.

“As Health Care providers with operation in the UK, India, Italy and the Philippines, HCL must have a robust framework for all matters around IT and Datalibrium provide a critical part of that infrastructure.”

Datalibrium has been providing IT support to national companies at all levels of business for over a decade. It is headquartered at Basepoint Business Centre in Swindon.

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