Superdry skills training now available across the business

Following the introduction of the apprenticeship levy earlier this year, Superdry has been able to extend its training programme. Through its ‘Superdry Academy’, the company is offering relevant training to anyone within the business, whatever age or stage they are within their career. The company continues to partner with Gloucestershire College, which delivers the academic support and mentoring.

Superdry wants its people to forget all the old associations with the word ‘apprentice’, and instead welcome training as giving them control of their own careers within the company.

“For instance, if there’s a member of staff already working in HR who now wants to study for the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), we can support their ambition,”

explains Simon.

“It’s about redefining the perception of apprentices,”

he adds.

“Yes, we have the traditional apprenticeship programme for young people entering the workplace for the first time, but we can now extend our training offer to anyone within the business with the ambition and determination to go further with Superdry.

“For us it’s about making Superdry the retail brand of tomorrow as well as today, by harnessing the power, ambition and enthusiasm of our people,”

adds Jez.