Superdry pioneers production of graphene enhanced garments with Versarien

In 2018, Versarien collaborated with professional cycling team, Team Sky to explore the benefits of adding graphene to high performance cycling equipment
Versarien Team Sky

Versarien Plc, the Gloucestershire based advanced engineering materials group, is to collaborate with DKH Retail Limited, the worldwide wholesale distribution subsidiary of Superdry plc.  

Superdry will partner with Versarien to pioneer the production of graphene-enhanced garments, using Versarien’s GRAPHENE-WEARTM technology, with a view to importing graphene’s thermal and moisture management properties into its garments.

Superdry has stated that it believes using Versarien’s innovative graphene technology will result in product lines with improved performance and extended product lifespan, with lower environmental impact in their creation, whilst also reducing the need to add any virgin material during recycling.  Superdry believes having access to Versarien’s scientists and laboratories in Manchester and Cambridge will accelerate the brand’s innovation platform, enabling Superdry and Versarien to create garments unlike any others on the market.

The garments that are being developed will exploit the thermal regulatory properties of Versarien’s GRAPHENE-WEARTM, creating a premium range of products adapted and designed to be highly technical and innovative.

Control over thermal transmittance and regulation is intended to help the body manage its temperature, particularly in extreme climates and circumstances when the body is under stress.  The strength of graphene is another area that is intended to improve the functionality of the garments, allowing for garments that will last longer with little fibre failure, increasing the number of wears and washes per garment, supporting Superdry’s commitment to sustainability.

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, said: “We are delighted that Superdry has publicly announced our collaboration.  Since we started working with Superdry we have developed a number of sample garments and its decision to announce the collaboration and the future launch of the products we are developing together is, I believe, testament to the benefits they see in utilising Versarien’s graphene technology.  We look forward to continuing to work with Superdry to bring these innovative garment ranges to the market as soon as possible.”

In 2018, Versarien announced a collaboration with professional cycling team, Team Sky to explore the benefits of adding graphene to high performance cycling equipment used by Team Sky. These products may include cycle frames, wheels and tyres, together with rider helmets and further rider apparel.