Superdry keeps it creatively local to support NHS

Superdry NHS appeal

Cheltenham-headquartered global clothing retailer Superdry CEO Julian Dunkerton has pledged to lead a series of initiatives to support the fight against COVID-19, which begins at the home of Super-dry in Gloucestershire.

Morgan Church, a designer at the Superdry Creative Centre, Cheltenham told the team about his friends who work in the NHS and how committed they were to work through this crisis.

Superdry NHS appeal 2As the end of each shift they feel exhausted and would love to be a able to put some fresh clothes to put on, so the Superdry creative team got to work donate 100% organic cotton essentials to NHS heroes. It started locally with donations from Superdry staff, family and friends, but the company quickly decided to make it nationwide.

Julian loved the idea so much he pledged if the team hit the target, he would triple it.

The first parcels are due to go out next week. Superdry says that anyone is welcome to get involved and can donate on the company’s Justgiving website which is now live.

SuperdryJulian DunkertonThe Superdry business initiative will also donate 100,000 gloves, masks and aprons as well as 20,000 visors to key workers in Gloucestershire care homes, to help protect the most vulnerable.

Both enterprises will work hand in hand, to protect the most vulnerable and support those on the frontline.