Study of 30,000 reveals charitable habits of Gloucestershire residents

Mark Hews and Caroline Taplin 2

Gloucestershire tops list of ‘kind-hearted’ counties in the UK

  • Residents are more likely to support charitable causes than anywhere else in the UK, new data finds
  • Disability support is the issue cared about the most
  • 46 – 55 year olds in the county are more likely to support a charity than any other age group
  • Gloucestershire is in the top 5 UK counties with the most charity supporters 

A new study of over 30,000 charity supporters has revealed Gloucestershire is among the most kind-hearted counties in the UK. 

Data released today from Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards has revealed that more than 1800 county residents have so far pledged their support to a charity that is ‘close to their heart’, putting Gloucestershire top of the list of counties with the most nominations.

Supporting people with disabilities is the issue they care most about, with healthcare and community projects completing the top three most popular charity sectors in the county.

People aged 46 – 55 are more likely to support a charity than any other age group within the region.

The Movement for Good awards from Ecclesiastical Insurance will see a total of £1 million given to charities this summer. Members of the public can nominate a cause for a potential £1,000 award.

More than 100 local charities now stand a chance to receive one of these £1,000 grants via nominations from kind-hearted Gloucestershire supporters.

The data has been taken from public nominations made in the weeks since the campaign launched.

It shows that people living in the South East1 are the most supportive of charitable organisations in the UK.

Thanking supporters in Gloucestershire, Mark Hews, Group CEO of Ecclesiastical, said:

“We have seen a fantastic response to our Movement for Good awards so far. With nominations still open we hope many more charities are put forward for a potential £1,000 award, which we know can make a huge difference to the work that charities do.

“So far the bulk of the nominations have been made in the South of England and by over 35s. We want to urge people in the North, and younger generations across the UK, to also get involved and nominate a cause close to their hearts.”

Winners will be drawn at random and the more times a charity is nominated the more chance it has of being selected.

It’s quick and easy to nominate, you can vote for your favourite charity online at:

Later this summer, ten charities will also be chosen by a panel of judges to receive £50,000 from Ecclesiastical for major projects that can make a real difference to communities over a number of years.

Owned by a charity, Ecclesiastical is the only financial services group that exists to give all its profits to charity. It has given £100million to charity over the past five years and is the fourth largest corporate giver in the UK2