Student’s artistic vision is an inspirational winner

Pictured: Luke Stoneman, Head of Year 12, Pate’s Grammar School, with Fatima Sajid and Jo Draper, Director, QuoLuxTM.
Luke Stoneman Fatima Sajid Jo Draper

A sixth-form student from Cheltenham is inspiring business leaders across the region with her vision for the future.

Fatima Sajid, a Year 12 pupil at Pate’s Grammar School, won a competition to design the visual concept for the cover of Leading magazine, an award-winning publication produced by QuoLuxTM, the leadership and strategy specialists.

The competition, which was open to all sixth-form students in schools across Cheltenham, challenged young people to create a visual concept of their hopes for a vision of the world in 2040.

Jo Draper, Director of QuoLuxTM, explains: “Many of today’s Year 12 and 13 students will be the managers, directors, owners, entrepreneurs and leaders of 2040. ‘Vision’ is the theme of our latest issue of Leading magazine, so it felt important to ask young people what they think will be the big influences on business, 20 years from now. Each issue, we commission an artist to design our cover based on their interpretation of a particular theme. Fatima has created a beautiful cover with a very powerful message. We’ve already had wonderful feedback from the business leaders who receive the magazine.”

“Overall, I wanted to convey that by 2040 the sky’s not going to be our limit but rather our point of view,” says Fatima, who moved to the area with her family earlier this year, from Dubai.

Fatima Sajid

Pictured: Fatima Sajid

“My piece was inspired by the fact I live near Gloucestershire Airport and from my window I can see planes flying every five minutes, coupled with the race to space that many countries are getting involved in – we’ve already reached Mars and by 2040 will be going on to bigger things.

“My vision is that technology will have developed so much that space exploration will be easier than ever before. The years I spent living in Dubai certainly opened my eyes to the amount of development that can happen in such a relatively short period of time – with massive skyscrapers constructed within months, transforming the desert into a well-known destination.

“I feel honoured and grateful that my concept has been included as part of the design for the front cover and it’s been very exciting to have an opportunity that few other people get to experience.”

Part of Fatima’s prize was to work with the magazine’s design studio, Cheltenham-based Design Sanctuary, for a day’s work experience helping to collaborate in the creative process of turning her idea into a high impact magazine cover.

Winning magazine cover

Jo Draper presented Fatima with a framed print of her cover and a £50 Love2Shop voucher, and the school was awarded £250.

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